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Our aircraft fleet

for short trip or

Our company provides air services. We are offering the rent of aircraft for tourism. Our services can help you to increas your flight qualifications. Air photography can be ordered through us. The offer includes rental of an aircraft for short or one-time flights as well as an attractive hourly packages.


Step by step
You can rent our aircraft for tourism or to increase your flight time experience on condition of a valid PPL licence.
In order to rent an aircraft each pilot have to sign the agreement and must accept the regulations as well as technic instructions of the plane.
We are providing flight familiarization with our instructors for extra pay after the agreement is signed and payment is made.
How to rent a plane
EPRZ / Rzeszów-Jasionka


EPRZ / Rzeszów-Jasionka

Airport controlled / approach ILS, VOR, LOC, NDB

  • an asphalt belt in the direction of:, length
  • and a grass belt ...

ARP - coordinate and location:

  • N 50° 06` 36"
  • E 22° 01` 08"

Elevation of the airport

  • 211 m (692 ft)/24.0ºC

Airport manager:

  • Port Lotniczy Rzeszów-Jasionka i Aeroklub Rzeszowski
  • Jasionka 942, 36-002 Jasionka
  • Tel. 178520081, handling: +48 17 7178638
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    Call us +48 17 7178 745

    We are available from Monday to Friday,
    from 8:00 to 16:00

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    SPED-AIR Bogusław Babiarz

    SPED-AIR Port Lotniczy Rzeszów - Jasionka
    Jasionka 942, 36-002 Jasionka

    36-002 Jasionka 942
    NIP: 815-116-19-00

    tel: +48.17.7178.745
    mob: +48.664.023.013

    Our bank account
    Bank Pekao SA
    37 1240 2643 1111 0000 3790 2911

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